His Glory My Joy

"Everything God brings into my life is for His glory and honor
and for my good, my benefit, and my joy"

"And the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth."  John 1:14

James Ehrlich

His Glory My Joy is the online resource for information about the ministry of James Ehrlich. The website's name is a paraphrase of an emphasis in James' Bible-teaching ministry: "Everything God brings into my life is for the purpose of giving Him glory and honor, and, ultimately, it will lead to my good, my benefit, and my joy."

James retired from a 17-year-pastorate at Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma and is available as an interim pastor, pulpit supply, and part-time/bivocational pastor. 

His wife, Luana, is a Christian fiction writer, Bible teacher, and partner in James' ministry. You can read more about Luana on her website: Luana Ehrlich. She blogs at His Glory My Joy. Her Christian fiction books, Titus Ray Thrillers, are available on Amazon here.